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Laser Hair Removal

Written by Dr. Ringpfeil

you should expect

  1. Better hair clearance
  2. fewer treatments
  3. Lowest overall cost
  4. Fewer side effects
  5. To be treated by the most qualified team in our area

Price List

PLegsBodyArms (both) Head/Face
rthighs - $230 chest - $250 hands - $90 cheeks - $90
ilower legs - $200 areola (nipples) - $65 underarms - $90 chin & upper lip - $90
clegs & thighs - $330 abdomen - $170 full arms - $200 ears - $60
ifeet & toes - $100 upper back - $200 forearm - $120 neck - $90
n lower back - $150 Sholders - $170
g bikini lines - $120
Brazilian bikini - $220

Laser hair removal is offered everywhere. At the local spas, dentist offices, gynecologist offices, and more. "Special offers" can be found on Groupon and other big letters ads.


Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology provides you the best value for removing your unwanted hair permanently.

How can a reputable cosmetic dermatology practice compete in this saturated market?


we use multiple lasers that are the most effective for each skin type and we have the experience and medical knowledge to use aggressive laser settings to achieve faster and better results without compromising your safety.

Facial Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair Before and After Treatment, male neck

Laser Hair Removal for Darker Skin

Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair Before and After Treatment, female face

Fewer Treatments

  1. We use a specific laser for each skin type
  2. Having a dermatologist on site allows us to use aggressive setting

Lower Cost

  1. Our pricing is extremely aggressive
  2. We do not accept tips. Yes, tips are expected in most spas.
  3. Fewer treatments means lower cost
  4. No need to pay for a package and for unnecessary treatments

Safety and Experience

  1. A dermatologist is ALWAYS on site
  2. We treated over 10,000 customers since 1996
  3. We do not employ "laser technician" who went through a weekend training

We Use

  • Candela Gentle Lase Alexandrite for light skin
  • Candela ND:Yag for dark skin
  • Mirasmooth for blond, red, and grey hair for under arm hair
  • electrolysis for blond, red, and grey hair on all body parts

Separately, we offer threading for eyebrows and facial hair.

We Do Not Use

One laser for all skin type e.g. a Diode laser, which requires more treatments for light skin, and many more treatments for darker skin.

IPL - Not effective, usually is offered by Spas and Medspas

How the laser works

The laser beam targets the darker pigment of the hair follicle and destroys it. However, hair follicles have a life cycle of four phases and the hair follicle is sensitive to the laser energy only when the hair is in one specific phase - the growth phase (telogen phase). Unfortunately, a single treatment cannot destroy all hair follicles and any moment only 50% of the hair follicles are in the telogen phase. Therefore, multiple treatments must be performed in a very specific time interval to target most of the follicles when they are in the telogen phase. It is easier for the laser beam to target darker follicle pigment when the background skin is light. When the skin is darker, some of the beam is diverted and hits the skin. Therefore, not only is there a risk that the skin pigment will be damaged, but also the beam energy that hits the follicle is often not strong enough to destroy it. Therefore, the treatment is less effective for hair in darker skin and more treatments may be needed to achieve expected results.

Normally, 4-6 treatments are needed for people with light skin and dark hair. About 6-8 treatments are needed for people with dark skin.

Men Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal - Men

Underarm Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair Before and After Treatment, patient armpits
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