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Best Treatment Options for Brown Spots in Philadelphia

Written by Dr. Ringpfeil

As people start to age, many of them begin to notice brown spots on their skin. Brown spots, or melasma, can be caused by a variety of different factors, including but not limited to: exposure from the sun, contraceptives, or hormone therapy.

Overview of the condition

If you are experiencing skin discoloration or dark patches on your skin, it is possible that you have melasma. Even if you are not sure, it is best to check with a specialist just in case. If it turns out that you do have melasma, it will likely show up on the face, specifically around the cheeks, forehead or mouth. Melasma is a common condition, although it is seen much more frequently in women. The reason that women experience melasma more is because it is often triggered by the hormones that accompany pregnancy.

Before and After brown spots treatments photos, female face, front view

Our unique approach to melasma

We serve the Philadelphia area with an ideology of providing individual care to each client. She will meet with each client and take a full assessment of his or her needs. One brown spot removal method is using the Alexandrite Laser.

How does the Alexandrite Laser work?

  • This laser uses an Alexandrite crystal to release a form of light energy at the affected areas of skin
  • It has been cleared by the FDA as safe to use on the skin
  • The actual Alexandrite Laser procedure typically takes less than 15 minutes to perform
Before and After 28 days, brown spots treatments photos, female face, oblique view


Most patients will start to see an improvement in their skin complexion very soon after the procedure. The skin will remain pink and a bit tender for a few days afterwards. If the patient has a darker complexion, it is more likely that they will experience hyperpigmentation, which is when parts of their skin become darker than others. If the skin is still pink or irritated after a few days (or after the time that the doctor has indicated), they should consult their physician right away.

Brown Spot Removal in Philadelphia

Our providers have many years of experience in the field of dermatology and cosmetics. If you have any questions that are related to your specific needs, she will be able to help you! Email or call our Philadelphia office to set up your consultation, or if you would like to get further information about our services.

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