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Mohs and Reconstructive Surgery in Philadelphia

Written by Dr. Ringpfeil

Mohs micrographic surgery followed by reconstructive surgery is a common treatment option for cancer lesions on the face. At Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology we work with several accredited surgeons in the Philadelphia area to perform Mohs surgery. After the Mohs surgery is complete, our in-office surgeon will perform reconstructive surgery. This ensures the best possible aesthetic results from the Mohs procedure.

How to Identify Dermatology Concerns

If you are unsure whether you might have a skin abnormality, there are ways that you can test and see for yourself. The following are several examples of skin abnormalities that should be addressed ASAP:

  • Asymmetric moles or birthmarks
  • Marks that are irregular and ragged along the edges
  • Moles that are different colors, usually darkest in the middle
  • Moles that change in any way, including in shape, color and size

If you have noticed any of these on your body, do not wait to have them examined. Undergoing Mohs surgery will remove the malignant areas, and reconstructive surgery will repair any lesions left on the skin.


Excision Performed by the Mohs Surgeon

The excision portion of Mohs surgery involves identifying and removing the affected skin tissue. This also includes the area directly surrounding the mole or birthmark. Popular areas that require excision include:

  • Nose
  • Lips
  • Hairline
  • Areas with existing scar tissue

This procedure is very delicate and will be given the utmost attention. The surgeon will be extremely careful to save all possible healthy tissue, while removing the developing tumors. Excision surgery will be conducted in the office by the surgeon.


Reconstructive Surgery After Excision

Once the skin tumor and surrounding tissue have been safely removed, our surgeon will meet with you to schedule reconstructive surgery. This surgery will repair any damage that has been caused by the cancerous tissue, and help prevent scarring. We will operate in the office, so you do not need to travel far. Anesthesia will be used, making the procedure painless and comfortable. Our surgeon will use her artistic ability to produce symmetrical and beautiful results.



Mohs and Reconstructive Surgery in Philadelphia

We employ a highly trained plastic surgeon with many years of dermatology and facial cosmetic experience. Working with the top Mohs surgeons in the Philadelphia area, we are pleased to offer patients superior medical and cosmetic skin care. Ouroffice is open to locals as well as out-of-towners. Book your consultation today.

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