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Written by Dr. Ringpfeil

Before and After 3 Treatment -Picosure Vs. QSwitch in Philadelphia - tattoo removal
Before and After 4 Treatment -Picosure Vs. QSwitch in Philadelphia - tattoo removal, patient hand
PicoSure® - Tattoo Removal in Philadelphia

“After performing laser tattoo removal treatments since 1997, only now, with the introduction of the Enlighten® and PicoSure® lasers, I can say that tattoos of all colors can be removed in a reasonable time and at reasonable cost, and with minimal damage to the skin.“

Franziska Ringpfeil, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist


Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing

First Inch: $150
Next 19 Inches: $30 each
Over 20 inches: $10 each

20% OFF for a package of 4 treatments




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1. What is the tattoo size (in inches)?

2. Are you currently tan at the area of the tattoo? No Yes

3. What is your skin type?

Type I – Very light
Type II – Light
Type III – Light brown – Central Europe
Type IV – brown – Mediterranean, S. American
Type V – dark brown – Asia, some Afro-American
Type VI – black / very dark brown – African, Afro-American

4. How many years have you had that tattoo for?

PA Laser Tattoo Removal Expert Dr. Ringpfeil featured on NBC 10 News Philly

We Offer:

Faster Tattoo Removal
  • The most effective laser in the Philadelphia area
  • A dermatologist on site allow us to use the most aggressive but safe setting
Lower Cost
  • You will need less treatments
  • Competitive pricing (50% lower than most dermatology practices)
  • We do not accept tips. Saving you additional 10-20%
  • Ask about our Money Saver Protocol
  • A Dermatologist on site helps to avoid side effects such as scars and pigmentation.
  • Effective treatment of side effects when needed (e.g. hyper or hipo pigmentation)

Ask your providers what laser they use

Before and After Treatment 4TX - Picosure Vs. QSwitch in Philadelphia - tattoo removal, patient 2

Laser Tattoo Removal – Comparative Table

Black Grey Red Blue Green Yellow Orange
Enlighten +++++ +++++ ++++ +++ +++ +++ +++
Picosure +++ +++ +++ +++++ +++++ +++ +++
Picosure + 532 Handpiece +++ +++ +++++ +++++ +++++ ++++ ++++
Revlite/medlite ++ ++ ++ + + + +
Other Q-Switch + + + + + + +

Advanced laser technology, better results.

Traditionally, patients who went through tattoo removal treatments indicated a low level of satisfaction. It was common that 20 or more treatments were needed to achieve good results, clearance was not always possible, and overall cost had no limit.

Fortunately, technology is on our side. While removing a tattoo is still a challenge, innovative devices like the Enlighten laser is able to achieve results in less than half the number of treatments required by any other laser. At Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology in Philadelphia, we are pleased to offer Enlighten and the most state-of-the-art tattoo removal systems available.

Color and pigment density, the challenge of tattoo removal.

Different colors are responsive to different wavelengths. In addition, as a tattoo ages, the ink tends to form larger clusters of pigment. For the ink to be reabsorbed, these larger clusters need to be broken into smaller particles.

What other factors affect the effectiveness of tattoo removal treatments?

Factors that affect the effectiveness of tattoo removal treatments - Location on the body area Location on the body Areas with strong blood circulation are favorable for tattoo removal. Our immune system uses the blood system to transport the pigments away from our body.
Factors that affect the effectiveness of tattoo removal treatments - Type of ink Type of ink Ink technology varies. Some ink types, especially those common in the far east, are more stable and resistant to pressure produced by the lasers.
Factors that affect the effectiveness of tattoo removal treatments - Color of ink Color of ink Darker pigments absorb more of the laser beams and as a result, darker pigments are easier to remove. The lighter pigments let some of the energy go through without affecting the tattoo.
Factors that affect the effectiveness of tattoo removal treatments - Amount and density of ink Amount and density of ink The laser breaks up the pigment and the body transports the small pieces away. It is more difficult to shatter dense ink and as a result, additional treatment may be needed.
Factors that affect the effectiveness of tattoo removal treatments - Personal Health Personal health A stronger immune system can remove the foreign ink particles more efficiently than a compromised immune system.
Factors that affect the effectiveness of tattoo removal treatments - Skin Color Skin color Dark skin may absorb some of the energy delivered. As a result, less energy targets the ink and there is a risk that the laser can damage the skin pigment. To avoid damage to the skin pigment the energy level must be carefully adjusted during a spot test session.

The Enlighten laser is a fast, highly versatile device that efficiently breaks up different colors of ink.

Unlike other lasers, which use heat to break up the tattoo’s pigment, the Enlighten device is what’s known as a picosecond laser. It delivers short energy pulses (photomechanical waves rather than heat) that shatter the ink into small particles that our body can get rid of faster and more effectively.

The Enlighten laser can be set to two wavelengths (532nm and 1064nm), making it an excellent choice for a range of colors. The optimal wavelength red, orange, yellows, and browns is 532nm, while the best choice for black and dark colors is 1064nm.

Enlighten + Picosure: A comprehensive solution for your tattoo removal.

At Ringpfeil Dermatology, we specialize in tattoo removal and are able to design a custom treatment to address your need. To best serve our patients we also use the Picosure laser, another advanced system that uses photomechanical waves. When used together, the Enlighten and Picosure can reach a large spectrum of colors. If you have a mutli-colored tattoo, ask about how a dual treatment can optimize results.


How much time is needed to remove a tattoo?

When a person decides to remove a tattoo, he or she wants it to be removed immediately. Unfortunately, we depend on our immune system’s ability to remove the ink. While frequent treatments can accelerate the removal process, it may require more treatments which result in higher cost to remove the tattoo.

The longer we wait between treatments the more time we give our body to remove the pigment parts and therefore, fewer treatments may be needed. To make the treatment most cost effective, we recommend at least 8 weeks between treatments. In most cases 4-8 treatments may be needed. Therefore, you should expect to complete the removal process within 15 months of treatment.

How much does a tattoo removal treatment cost?

The cost of a treatment is usually determined by the tattoo size in square inches. While the price per treatment of a couple of square inches can range between $150-$300, the cost of a treatment of 20 square inches usually ranges between $700-$1400. Unlike other medical spas, our office does not allow or expect you to tip our expert laser technician.

Obviously the total cost to remove a tattoo is the cost of treatment times the number of treatments required to remove the tattoo. While patients can find out the price per treatment in a (usually free) consultation, the number of treatments stay unknown until results from the first few treatments are observed.

To eliminate the unknown, we provide our patients with the cost per treatment and the number of treatments we believe are required to remove their tattoo. Our experience enables us to estimate accurately. However, if additional treatments may be needed beyond our estimated number, we will discount the following 2 treatments by 50% and any treatment thereafter by 80%.

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